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15 days ago - Translate

Senses Nightclub will be open from 4 to 6 p.m.
DJ: Damon Zuiden
Hostess: Tia Winters
Hit one of them up for a tp!

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19 days ago - Translate

Saturday was Digi's third birthday - and they threw one heck of a birthday bash. It started earlier than expected and went all day. It included a couple of live performers as well as a host of DJs including my fave, Damon Zuiden.

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  • I may be young in the grid where I play, but I am not young in virtual worlds. I have been in and out of my virtual life since June 2011 - more in than out.
    I love to have fun, chat, play games, DJ, build, write - and the list goes on from there.
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